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The Stats System

1 The Stats System on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:58 pm


Table of Contents will go here.

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Character Sheet wrote:
Name: --
Age: click here for Age rules
Race: click here for Race rules
Physical Description: --

Stats: click here for Stats rules

  • Ninjutsu: --
  • Genjutsu: --
  • Taijutsu: --
  • Awareness: --
  • Strength: --
  • Endurance: --
  • Speed: --
  • Chakra: --

Talents: click here for Talents rules

  1. --
  2. --
  3. --
  4. --
  5. --

Equipment: click here for Equipment rules

  • Head: --
  • Arms: --
  • Hands: --
  • Torso: --
  • Legs: --
  • Feet: --

8 Base Stats wrote:
Everyone has 8 Base Stats, and you decide which stats your character will improve over time.

  • Ninjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Taijutsu
  • Awareness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Chakra

Click for more details on each stat:
Useful Terms:
Knowledge Type Stat: this stat helps determine what techniques you have access to, NOT your chance to hit / dodge.
Efficiency Type Stat: this stat helps determine your chance to hit / dodge a technique, NOT what techniques you have access to.

This is a knowledge type stat
Ninjutsu is the art of manipulating and changing the physical world using your Chakra. Ninjutsu is a balance between strategy and power. It provides many ways to defend yourself, to change the face of the battlefield, and to attack your opponent. Highly skilled Ninjutsu fighters are hard to prepare for because of the range of abilities their Jutsu provide them.

This is a knowledge type stat
Genjutsu is the art of injecting your Chakra into the enemy's system to disrupt their own Chakra, making them experience vivid illusions. Genjutsu forgoes raw damage in order to provide the user with a large strategic advantage. Highly skilled Genjutsu fighters will always keep you on your toes, because you're never sure what's real and what's just a figment of your imagination.

This is a knowledge type stat
Taijutsu is the art of using your Chakra to perform melee or armed physical attacks. Taijutsu forgoes strategy to concentrate on raw damage output, and it provides many ways in which a user can overpower and overwhelm the opponent. Highly skilled Taijutsu fighters cause tremendous damage, requiring you to scramble together a defense, or suffer at the hands of their offensive output.

Awareness, Strength, Endurance, Speed, Chakra
The above are all efficiency type stats
Read the "Advanced Stats & Battle Stats" section to understand how these 5 efficiency type stats are used to determine how will your character attacks and defends.

The only way to increase your base stats is through spending Krym on them.

How do my 8 Base Stats affect battle?
1. You are able to increase your 8 Base Stats by purchasing stats with Krym.
2. Your 8 Base Stats are put through the battle formula to compute your Battle Stats.
3. Your Battle Stats determine whether you hit and whether you dodge attacks.

Optional Information:

Advanced StatPrimary (55%)Secondary (33%)Tertiary (12%)
Ninjutsu AttackEnduranceSpeedChakra
Ninjutsu DefenseSpeedEnduranceChakra
Genjutsu AttackAwarenessChakraEndurance
Genjutsu DefenseChakraEnduranceAwareness
Chakra AttackChakraStrengthEndurance
Chakra DefenseAwarenessChakraStrength
Ranged AttackStrengthAwarenessSpeed
Ranged DefenseEnduranceStrengthSpeed
Melee AttackStrengthSpeedAwareness
Melee DefenseSpeedAwarenessStrength

Krym wrote:
You use Krym to advance your character in the game. Every obtainable item in the game will have an Krym cost.
--- HINT: some missions give away items that would be extremely expensive to buy using Krym otherwise

What are all the things I can use Krym for?

  • Increase base stats
  • Purchase items
  • Learn jutsu
  • Buy property

How do I earn Krym?
Bounty Hunting - The only way to earn Krym is by collecting the Krym offered in bounties. Bounties of greater difficulty offer greater payment, but might require travel and higher risk of failure.

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